Archive | November, 2011

Hot Cars

What better place to have a Porsche launch than in Cape Town – and what better place to race them than up and down Ysterplaat runways!  I was lucky enough to combine two jobs and was able to admire some hot cars!!              

Little Fairy

We found a gorgeous little fairy at Groot Constantia.  She could even put her own wings on!!!  One flick of her magic wand and she turned into a ladybird and danced all around Groot Constantia.  With the second flick of her wand she found some doting parents and they all went away and lived happilyRead more

Kimberly, Ryan and Family

Kimberly and Ryan relocated from the Eastern Cape recently and decided now was the time to update their photo album.  What was nice for us was having two divine kids who wanted to model, pose and have fun with us.  Move over Kate Moss…. Leah is here!!  Hope to see you all again soon  Read more

Siya and Victoria Engagement Shoot at Rhodes Memorial

Siya and Victoria – your love for each other and enthusiasm for life just beams out of you and is so infectious.  May you have MANY happy years together.   And Siya, learn to love ‘Le Pout’ because the smile that always follows lights up the world!                  

Retha and family Beach shoot

Retha and Francois wanted a beach shoot, and it was so refreshing to find a family who were prepared to get up at 5.30 to be at the beach early enough to ensure  that we had the beach to ourselves!  And what a lovely morning it was.  Only a lonely seal and a few seagullsRead more

Glenda and her family

Glenda’s energetic family made it easy work to get some lovely shots.  Clearly this is a close family, full of love!                

Adele and her gorgeous family

Adele contacted us, she wanted a family shoot with a mix of studio style and relaxed fun ones in her garden at home in Hout Bay. No problem, off we went with our portable studio and some sunshine in our pocket. We were met by a delightful family with some extra members on the way!!!Read more

The Bach family shoot

We were asked by Brenda to come and photograph her with her Brother, Sister and Mum and Dad. Mum hadn’t had a photograph of the family together since the kids (now adults!!) were knee high to a grasshopper. We went along and photographed this lovely family and had to photograph Mum with her beautiful rosesRead more