Archive | January, 2012

Little Flower

Such a happy morning; such a nice family and I finally found a lover of the creeper that is taking over the studio!      


This is what happens when an indoor shoot morphs outside into natural light beacuse a family has gorgeous eyes!      

Hayley, Gina and baby Callum

Our first baby of the New Year and what a gorgeous boy Callum is.  With enormous slate grey eyes, the sweetest smile and an adoring mum and gran, he is indeed a lucky chap!  

Take Off…………………………..

We struggled to keep up  with with Tersia, Neil and the girls as they ran the length of Llandudno,  splashed in the (very cold) sea, braved the (very strong) wind and sand in their eyes……but we did laugh!  

Guido, Maxie and Paul

Paul is now a month, and dad had some time off work for a shoot with his beautiful boy.  Guido and Maxie are so relaxed with baby Paul, a stunning little family!!    

Natalie and her family

The problem with a photogenic family is that one takes too many images and then you spend hours going through them all and deciding which ones to post!!  Hope they were worth the wait Natalie?!  

Indie’s Family

Indie brought her American family to the studio for a family shoot.  She struggled to keep the boys under control, specially when they went outside! Good luck in New York Sam, hope you like your ‘talk-style’ images!    


Crystal arrived in the pouring rain before Christmas for a sassy, sexy photoshoot.  She was wonderful and very confident in front of the camera – a delight to photograph!  We are sure you will love the images!  

Leonie’s Family

Leonie wanted some casual photos together with her boyfriend and family.  The shoot started sedately, but with a long lens ‘sniping’ stolen kisses and fun with hats, no one escaped being shot, and soon everyone was up for a lot of laughs…..We really enjoyed this shoot.    

Last fairies of 2011

Katie and Grace, our last fairies of 2011, brought their mum and dad and 2 sets of very lucky grandparents to the studio for some photos. They were all very relaxed and happy until Katie waved her wand at Andrew and turned him into a frog. I am not sure if I should kiss him,Read more