Archive | July, 2012

Stellenbosch International Chamber Music Festival

This anual event perfectly marries local talent with International expierence and teaching. The concerts on Saturday and Sunday are the highlight of this two week festival.  

Seven Cousins

Neither wind nor rain could stop 7 cousins having fun being shot at Rhodes Memorial as we ducked the showers and  gusts of wind.  Well done Lance and Nathalie, you remained amazingly calm and composed throughout!    

Two Princesses…

Two beautiful princesses visited our studio and showed us all sorts of outfits, from the Spanish costumes grandad bought in Spain to all the princess outfits in their wardrobe!  Mum and dad paled in comparison…..but with Julie and Terry..ummm Jurie, we had a laugh a minute!  

Baby Bok

The school holidays have seen lots of families in for portraits, but this little Bokkie with eyes as green as his shirt won our hearts….We made the most of the break in the weather to get some happy snaps in the sun! Next time dad can come too!  

John, Judy, Taylor and Toni…..

A break in our lovely wet winter weather gave us a chance to take some family shots outside as well as in the studio this week for the Grondeins.