Super Baby…

At just 3 weeks old, little Zach was the perfect model.  He ate a bit, he slept and lot and was so happy and content.  Wayne and Lindie are very lucky parents.  And likewise, Zach is a lucky baby to have such a doting family!

Goldilocks and the Three flowers…..

Erin arrived for her photoshoot with all sorts of pretty props, but quickly forgot them as she found local flowers and pom-poms to play with.  When she hid in the long grass, her glorious hair just melted into the afternoon sun.  We had such fun with you Erin ~ Thanks!

Family Reunion

Jenny’s children have not been together for Christmas for two years, so before Megan jetted back to London it seemed an ideal opportunity to update the family album!  

The Clark/Schmitt renunion……

Family reunions are always wonderful, but there was such an energising vibe with the Schmitt/Clark shoot at Rhodes….Gran stole the show with her Usain Bolt.  We really enjoyed our time with you all.  Safe travels back to Oz!

Cape Towns Loss….

Brittani has been studying at UCT for the last two years and flies home to the US this weekend….do come back Brittani, we need your talent here!

Di & Josh

Not even a fever could keep Josh away from ‘his’ photoshoot.  And what a star he was; he frightened the living daylights out of me as he launched himself off a barrel into his mother’s safe arms!

Capricorn Grade 7 Graduation….

A bright and sunny day saw the Grade 7 learners from Capricorn Primary graduate with pride watched by the rest of the school and a bevy of dignitaries.

Emma is crawling…

Last time we took photos of Emma she sat and smiled and smiled, this time it was hard to get her in focus she moved so fast!  She is gorgeous!

Butterfly Art Graduation

Sixteen Grade 7 learners graduated from Angela Katschke’s Butterfly Art Project at Capricorn Primary School in Vrygrond.  Proud parents, family and siblings watched the graduation ceremony.  Angela’s Grade 5 & 6 art class created some incredible ‘fantasy animals’ to decorate the hall and Moma Germany provided some awesome graduation gifts for the scholars. Certainly aRead more

Little Anna…..

Or Little Miss Sunshine…..Anna chuckled her way through the photoshoot and had us all giggling with her funny faces and her sheer delight at being centre stage!